Knight Optical: Premium-Quality Optics with Premium-Quality Service

As a trusted supplier of industry-leading custom-made and stock optical components, Knight Optical understands the importance of partnering with manufacturers that not only offer on-spec, quality products but also provide an unparalleled level of assistance for the ultimate supply chain experience. Here, ACE Magazine talks to the global optical component supplier to learn more about what the brand can offer you.

Manufacturing, engineering, and automation are ever-evolving divisions of the industrial sector. With developments incessantly rising, it’s fundamental that discerning engineers, manufacturers, and the like can rest assured that the components that they specify are up to the task at hand. Fortunately, when working with businesses like Knight Optical, much of the pressure that is associated with optical component specifications is eased thanks to the first-class customer service that our team imparts. 

From prototyping and small batches to optical design, project management and large-scale mass production, Knight Optical’s Technical Sales Advisers aid manufacturers and engineers every day with the most complex, high-specification optical component designs. For three decades, we’ve been uniting with industries worldwide to offer indispensable guidance and help deliver some of the world’s most ground-breaking technologies with custom-made optical components for optimal operability. 

It’s not only our reliable in-house intelligence that grants us our leading supplier prominence; however. As well as our ability to supply custom-made optical components (no matter the design intricacy) and with an extensive stock portfolio of over 3000 optics (ready for next-day dispatch), we also boast our own in-house Metrology Laboratory. From here, our team of fully qualified Metrology Technicians batch-test your optics to confirm that they arrive to you precisely as specified. What’s more, our sharp-sighted QA department works to the most stringent surface standards so that we can continue to live up to the fine quality that we declare.  

To find out more about our quality-first ethos and discover some of our equipment, click here to view our Quality Performance video.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about our services or custom-made and stock optical components, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the below contact details. 
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