New, BFX3 Compact clamp-on Flow meters and Heat meters for liquid measurement

Quick and easy to install, even by non-trained operators, the clam-shell design of this range makes them a fast and reliable solution for non-invasive flow and/or heat measurement applications. As the sensor separation distance is fixed, there is no need for adjustment and once fitted they are not easily disturbed.

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for applications when system shut down is not feasible. These flow meters are non-intrusive and simply clamp on to the outside of the pipe without making contact with the internal fluid. They measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted, from one sensor to the other.

The sound’s “time of flight” is accurately measured in both directions and the difference in time of flight calculated. The liquid velocity (V) inside the pipe can be related to the difference in time of flight (dt) through the following equation: V = K * D * dt, where K is a constant and D is the distance between the transducers


  • BFX3 Flow models and BEX3 Heat Meter versions
    • DN15 to DN90 (9 models)
    • 24V DC Powered
    4-20mA Output and optional Pulse Output, Alarm Outputs
    • Modbus RS485 Communications
    • No need for tubes of ultrasonic grease, rulers and marker pens.
  • Clean, hassle-free installation
    • Pre-configured or In-Field adjustment possible
    • Suitable for various pipe material: Copper, Plastic, Steel, Iron and Stainless Steel
  • No moving parts or contact with the fluid
  • Suitable for aggressive liquids
  • Zero pressure loss imposed by this design
  • Can be relocated
  • Data logging and remote monitoring options available

These budget friendly clamp-on flow meters utilise the ultrasonic flow measurement method ensuring quick and simple installation without the need to cut into existing pipe-work. It is not necessary to turn off the supply of water/liquid to install the product. It is also possible to supply this model with GPRS/GSM Data logging and remote access via cloud server.

Ultrasonic flow meters are now widely used in the industrial and building sectors. Their simplicity and reliability has seen their widespread adoption throughout the world as an accurate and reliable method of quantifying liquid flow rate measurement and consumption. These flow meters can be used on a variety of pipe sizes or material, are non-invasive and therefore not prone to the levels of deterioration that are seen by intrusive flow meters.

Clamp-on Flow Meters without the fuss. Click here for more information


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