My Transport Planner

With the current driver shortage, our Transport Planner can help optimise the use of their driver’s time & performance.

Make your business more efficient with our transport planner

Fleetmaxx’s My Transport Planner can improve any business with vehicles on the road. My transport planner can help company’s who have vehicles on the road by improving their efficiency. This can be seen through a reduction in costs, saving in time by choosing the fastest route and reducing the company’s emissions. My Transport planner can optimise electric and hybrid vehicles, either on their own or as part of a wider fleet – and can consider infrastructure and recharging times.

Benefits of My Transport Planner

Lower costs – My Transport Planner can help cut 30% through lower fleet mileage, reduced planning time, improved safety, and higher vehicle utilisation. It can help reduce overtime and sub-contractor usage.

Quicker Planning – Import your jobs, allocate and optimise in minutes. You can also drag and drop from the map, make manual changes, and generate customer ETAs.

Instant Roi – You pay a daily cost of 99p per vehicle route– and My Transport planner helps you save much more than that, ensuring an instant return on investment.

Higher Productivity – With My Trip Planner you spend less time planning and more time increasing vehicle productivity and utilisation.

Lower Mileage – Reduce your total fleet mileage by up to 20% compared to manually planning your routes. Our algorithms calculate the most efficient routes and automatically schedule them for you.

Fewer Emissions – Planning the shortest route means fewer miles. This will naturally help lower your emissions.

For more information contact our FORS expert Rachel Pearson

Rachel Pearson – 01227 936936 and

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