Offering Intelligent Cleaning Solutions for Demanding Applications

Kemet International is a leading provider of intelligent aqueous cleaning solutions that cover a wide range of industry-demanding applications. With a complete turnkey solution to your cleaning requirements, Kemet can help you find the optimal solutions to your cleaning needs, whether it’s a completely new cleaning project or a review of an existing one.

Achieving effective and efficient aqueous cleaning can be difficult, and it requires a harmonious interplay between chemistry and equipment. To address this challenge, Kemet offer more than 300 cleaning solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs and regulations of new applications. Additionally, Kemet has the resources of its partners at NGL’s Laboratories, where chemists study, formulate, develop, and manufacture cleaning solutions. This partnership assists in process validation and approval of preliminary tests, saving time in the development of customer projects, and guidance and assistance in preparing specifications for equipment investment.

Contact Kemet International today for your ultrasonic cleaner needs and benefit from their expertise in providing intelligent aqueous cleaning solutions. With a dedicated test centre equipped with the latest equipment, including the feature-packed Versa Genius+ ultrasonic cleaning system, Kemet ensures that all requirements are thoroughly considered. Through their partnership with NGL’s Laboratories and their commitment to specifying the necessary equipment, Kemet delivers the best cleaning solutions for a wide range of industry-demanding applications, both for new and existing projects. Trust Kemet International for exceptional cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaners, Kemet also offers;

  • Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines operate in a complete vacuum treatment cycle in all phases, ensuring excellent cleaning of finished products from wastage and oily substances, without releasing harmful substances into the environment. Utilising modified alcohols with a flash point exceeding 60°C under vacuum, eliminates the need for manufacturing machines with ATEX approved ratings, resulting in reduced construction expenses.
  • Passivation machines are designed to comply with ISO 7 clean room standards, ensuring that your parts are properly prepared for their intended use. The machines are furnished with validation software compliant with ’21 CFR part 11′. This software guarantees adherence to the stringent regulatory standards imposed by the aerospace and medical sectors, making them the perfect choice for deployment in these tightly regulated domains.
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection machines are specifically engineered as a highly efficient NDT method for detecting surface-breaking flaws, cracks, and defects that may remain undetected by other means. Engineered to adhere to the widely recognised ASTM E1417 FPI standard, extensively utilised in the aerospace and medical sectors.
  • Vapour Degreasing Cleaner is designed for efficient and safe degreasing using compatible solvents. This innovative cleaner offers a highly effective method for removing oils, grease, contaminants, and other unwanted substances from various surfaces. By harnessing the power of vapour degreasing, this system ensures thorough cleaning while minimising environmental impact and promoting operator safety.
  • Spray Washing machines for cleaning parts before maintenance or between production phases. Offers an optimal solution for swift and efficient part cleaning within a closed chamber, promoting a better working environment.

For more information about Kemet’s comprehensive cleaning solutions, see or contact their team at +44 (0) 1622 755287 or to arrange cleaning trials and discover the perfect cleaning solution for your needs.

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