Seal-less, extremely low pulse and controllable pump in action at CHEMUK

Wanner will be demonstrating a fully operational Hydra-Cell seal-less and packing-free process pump at CHEMUK. Visitors to the stand will see the extremely low pulse MT08 flow chemistry and HPLC pump in action, producing a smooth flow for consistent processes.

Visitors will also see the internal components of the pump head, including the triplex diaphragms of the fully-functional pump with its clear perspex head and other cutaway demonstration pumps on display.

The MT08 exceeds API 675 standards and boasts extremely low pulse flow with the diaphragms in a single pump head. This eliminates the need for pulsation dampeners, eliminates pipe strain due to pulsation, delivering accurate and smooth flow for chemical dosing and metering applications.

The MT08 is part of Wanner’s Hydra-Cell seal-less range of low pulse dosing solutions. These have earned a solid reputation for reliability, with pumps still operating 25+ years after installation. They also require very low planned maintenance and servicing, leading to a reduction in operating costs.

Compared to other dosing pump technologies, the Hydra-Cell’s true positive displacement pumping action, minimal internal losses, and especially the multiple diaphragms achieve a very low pulse flow, result in smaller drive motors and can therefore reduce energy usage up to 50%. This combined with the wide range of flow rate controllability ensures optimum energy usage.

The design and build of Wanner’s pumps ensures no leaks of the process liquid as the pumping chamber is 100% sealed, with no liquid waste. Many other pump technologies (centrifugal, gear, lobe, progressing cavity) used in sub 15m3/hr liquid transfer operations have dynamic seals, which often leak.

Often the process liquid is affected by air or moisture forming micron size suspended solids.

These suspended solids damage seals and packing resulting in unplanned maintenance. Dynamic seals need the process liquid for lubrication. Pumping non lubricating thin liquids such as alcohols can be challenging for these pumps. The Hydra-Cell design eradicates these problems.

This is especially important when handling difficult-to-pump or corrosive liquids.  For some applications oxygen cannot be allowed to enter the process, including those that are susceptible to crystallisation such as sodium hydroxide or various acids.

Crystals in pumps can cause the pump to breakdown, leading to unplanned downtime, regular seal-flushing and increasing lifetime costs. Hydra-Cell’s unique, spring loaded vertically orientated check valves allow particles to flush through giving more reliable performance when pumping liquids with solid suspensions.

HPLC and flow chemistry applications for continuous production of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals can mean pumping expensive liquids. The elimination of pulsation dampers eliminates the waste of expensive chemicals. The compact design of the Hydra-Cell pump in these often high pressure applications reduces pump footprint and processing skid size and weight.

Filtration processes such as, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ultra-high pressure filtration often challenge the chosen pump technology by having to process difficult liquids (non-lubricating, corrosive, abrasive).

With a wide choice of material selections combined with the Hydra-Cell pumps unique features handling these types of liquid in these processes can be done reliably and with an optimal life cycle cost.

In spray drying operations the process pump must reliably handle supersaturated liquids and liquids with suspended micron solids. Hydra-Cell pumps have earned the reputation globally in many industries as the “go to” technology including chemical (dye production), agro-chemical, food etc and all kinds of powder manufacturing.

Its combination of seal-less design, true positive displacement pumping action and unique valve design all work together to result in a low cost of ownership for these types of applications.

In algae processing for biofuels, a low shear pumping action is essential to maintain the algae properties. Through extensive testing by a major player in this market it has been shown that the Hydra-Cell pumping action is suitable for low shear applications.

Hydra-Cell flow chemistry and HPLC pumps are very simple to service, with no special tools required for inspection of diaphragms or check valve assemblies. They have no packing, can run dry indefinitely and are self-priming.

Paul Davis, Managing Director of Wanner International, said: “We want to help chemical companies with their process challenges with the increasing need to pump different and more difficult liquids. Wanner has invested heavily to innovate to achieve this with our low pulse flow Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps. This is a perfect time for the industry to learn just how safe, accurate, reliable, flexible and efficient these pumps are.”

Wanner’s pumps are a must have for any industry looking to reduce its carbon footprint and increase sustainability. The company is dedicated to playing its part in addressing the climate change crisis, whether that’s reducing energy consumption, minimising waste or manufacturing products which are built to last.

Much of this change derives from sustainability and conserving the environment, which forces technology change in equipment design and different use of materials and processes. Hydra-Cell seal-less, packing-free pumps are perfectly suited to handle many challenging liquids at varying pressures and temperatures, and with operator safety and environmental responsibility as a priority for design.

To see the pump in action, visit the Wanner stand N46, hall 1 of the NEC. For more information on Wanner Hydra-Cell chemical process pumps visit:

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